Community Guidelines  
*  Task must be legal
*  Clear scope of work, time & budget for task
*  No advertising
*  No post requesting quotes for jobs to be done outside of Multitasker
*  Correct name must be posted
*  No duplicate accounts
Unacceptable behaviour
We must respect our fellow multitaskers and posters. Multitasker will not tolerate discrimination, hatred, violence, harassment or illegal behaviour.
Unsupported post
Multitasker is here to bridge communities together by supporting both the poster and the tasker. We do not support fraudulent reviews or the posting of spam tasks.
Pricing and payment
All payments are paid upfront and in full. Cash payments are not supported on Multitasker’s platform. To provide a seamless transaction of funds to your Tasker, please ensure your credit or debit cards details are valid and up to date in your Payment Settings.
I want to cancel my task because the tasker is not responding to messages or a delay in response.
Conflict of schedule between you and the tasker.
You found someone else outside of Multitasker to complete the task.
You don’t need the task completed anymore.
Tasker did not show up to complete the required task.
Tasker is asking for more money than the assigned task price.
Tasker doesn’t have the skills/tools/materials needed to complete the task.
Misunderstanding on the scope of the task.
Uncontrollable situations such as emergency, weather conditions, etc.
If your Tasker is not responding to your messages, we recommend that you give them at least 24-48 hours to get back to you (unless it's urgent).
If they remain unresponsive, or if they don't show up to complete the task at the agreed time, let them know via the Multitasker chat system that you’ll be lodging a cancellation request.